Balance description

This is the documentation page of an interactive installation. It is untitled. The main element of this installation is the videoloop which you can see here. It's original size is 640x2280 pixel. I made it with an old photo camera.
There are two displays. Each one shows a part of 640x480 pixel of that videoloop. The beholder may and should walk between these displays. A video camera on the ceiling observes this area and the computer tries to determine the position of the visitor(s).
Depending on the postion of the visitor the computer shifts the shown part of the videoloop. So the visitor shifts the view of the virtual camera. One side goes up and the other side goes down. If there is nobody in the observed area both displays show the horizon.
This is a photo of a first experimental realisation of this installation from the 1 february 2002 during the "Rundgang" at the HGB Leipzig. I wrote the software by myself in C (using SDL). The computer was a pentiumIII at 800Mhz. The operating system was Slackware Linux with the XFree86 X-Window system and it's Xinerama extension. Special thanks go out to Nico 'aMadMan' Törl for lending me hardware and providing a lot of active help.

Leander Seige, 2002

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